You take care of the HVAC unit in your home. You clean the gutters and the air ducts regularly. But, when was the last time you thought of cleaning the dryer vent? If it has been substantially long, then you may want to consider going for dryer vent cleaning services from a Certified Dryer Exhaust Cleaning company, like Mirror Ducts L.L.C.


Well, you would be surprised to know that according to U.S. Fire Administration’s National Fire Data Center – every year in the USA, dry exhaust fires end-up causing 15,500 fires that not only result in severe injuries but also damage the property. If you don’t want to be another sad statistic, then you must regularly go for dryer vent cleaning to avoid such unfortunate instances.

What causes dryer vent fires?

Well, when your clothes are tumbling in the dryer, we can’t see it, but they shed a lot of lint. Lint is basically tiny bits of fiber that garments shed due to continuous movement. While the lint trap of the dryer is able to capture most of it, a lot of the pieces can get stuck in the machine through the vent. Eventually, they can reach the heating unit and cause overheating. Too much overheating can result in a fire.

Another problem that trapped lint can cause is when they get built-up in the external hose of the dryer thus blocking the escape passage for the hot air. Drying clothes that produce excessive lint can increase the risk of a fire.

How can dryer vent cleaning prevent fires?

Regularly cleaning the lint filters makes enough room for the hot air to move freely through the dryer. Clogged link can make it hard for the dryer to throw out hot air which if trapped can cause a fire. That’s why regular cleaning has the potential to avoid fires.

Additionally, clogged vent can make the machine to work twice or even thrice as hard to dry the clothes. It will demand more energy consumption thus increasing your energy costs.

A clean vent allows the dryer to work efficiently while also reducing the energy costs.