Air Duct Cleaning

Our air duct cleaning removes dirt from the surfaces of the air duct system inside your home to reduce the levels of allergy-producing particles and bacteria in the air. To help maintain a properly functioning heating ventilating system. Your system is vital to maintain a healthy and comfortable indoor home environment.

 A thorough air duct cleaning would entail cleaning of all supply and return registers. All panned return joists, supply turning veins, main trunk lines, return drop/plenum, Air handler, and coils.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

 A clothing dryer has become the common equipment in every home used to dry clothes. When you put your clothes into the machine for drying, it collects the extra fluff, debris, hair, and a lot more. With time, this debris builds up in the machine and blocks the vent of the dryer. When lint clogs the vent or exhaust duct, it can block the air path, starts accumulating heat, and ultimately lead to fires.

 Signs you need dryer vent cleaning service

  • High drying time
  • Overheating
  • Hot clothes
  • Hot dryer
  • Excess debris/lint behind the dryer, and more

Why hire Mirror Ducts L.L.C. to clean your dryer duct

 To prevent this, you need to have dryer vent cleaning every year. Contact Mirror Ducts L.L.C. for your dryer vent or duct cleaning service. For years, we’ve been offering dryer vent cleaning services in Ann Arbor and surrounding areas and have become the expert in this field. We will get rid of the lint clogged in your dryer vent completely so it can work more safely and efficiently.

Air Ducts Installation and Sealing

The duct system of your home runs through the floor duct, ceilings, and walls. It’s an important network of branched tubes that carry air from the central air condition and furnace unit to every room.

It’s crucial to have the ducts properly installed otherwise they could leak the hot air into other areas of the home. This can increase your energy costs for heating and cooling unit usage. To avoid that you can seal and insulate the air ducts in your home.

Designing and Installing Duct Systems

Right duct system design is crucial whether it’s a new construction or an old one. Lately a lot of energy-saving designs have been worked out. One of those designs involves sealing the ducts throughout the home because it helps in cutting the energy costs. It helps in proper air distribution through the entire home without causing any leakages. This helps to keep rooms at a comfortable temperature.

Also having a-well insulated and sealed duct system is crucial to avoid loss of hot or cold air. The ductwork that runs throughout your home helps in promoting uniform distribution of heating and cooling. Therefore, the system doesn’t have to work harder to maintain that uniformity of the temperature. Eventually, it helps to cut down energy costs.