The engine of your car needs cleaning every four to six months or so. Your home needs cleaning everyday! Anything that you put to regular use demands regular cleaning; including your body. Then why should the air duct’s in your home be any exception?

Need a reason why you should clean residential air ducts every now and then? We’ll give you three! Here they are –

  1. Improved quality of air for breathing easy – Think of the air ducts as the lungs of your home. They suck and breathe out the same air that circulates in the home. But, if the ducts become infested with mold, mildew, debris, or dust build-up, it will start throwing bad quality and possibly contaminated air. Therefore, regular cleaning is essential to make sure you don’t breathe bad quality air which is infested with harmful allergens. The same becomes all the more crucial if someone in your family has breathing issues or has environmental allergies.
  2. More efficient working Unit – When the air ducts accumulates debris and dust and all the unwanted stuff, it causes the system to work harder than earlier. But, once the air duct is free from all that, it tends to work more efficiently. Eventually it will improve the longevity of the system. You won’t have to replace/repair the system as often.
  3. Savings on energy costs – Like we discussed earlier, the contaminants make the system to work harder which decrease the life span of the system. As a result, almost 25-40% of the energy ends-up getting wasted trying to heat or cool a home. A clean HVAC system requires lesser energy to work just as efficiently. As a result, it doesn’t have to work so hard to maintain the right temperature. And so, you end-up wasting less energy and save more on the energy costs. A good way to work on the cost-effectiveness.


Now that you know why regular cleaning of the air duct is essential; don’t wait any more! Contact a professional/certified air duct cleaning agency today and do the needful.