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Why should I clean my air ducts?


Air duct cleaning can help with the efficiency of the HVAC system. Build up of dust and debris can restrict airflow causing the system to work harder. We have had customers tell us that duct cleaning has helped with their allergies and that they find less dust build up in their home.


If I change my furnace filter do i still need air duct cleaning? 


Unfortunately the furnace filter can only filter so much. Over time particles and dust do get past the filter creating dust build up on the supply side of the system. Not only that, we find that new construction homes have plenty of drywall dust, saw dust, screws and nails in the vents.


How do I know if the company I hired cleaned my ducts properly?


Watching duct cleaning demonstration videos online can give you an idea what to expect while the work is being performed. There is nothing wrong with watching the cleaning process while the work is being performed. If they are a reputable company they should have no problem letting you watch and explaining their process to you. Before and after photos of your ductwork are crucial to make sure the job was done properly. The date and time the photos or videos were taken can give the homeowner assurance that the job was done efficiently.


Will air duct cleaning damage my ducts?


If the technician is trained and has experience in the duct cleaning field there should be no reason to have any damage to your furnace or ductwork. There are plenty of methods on protecting certain duct fabrications and a lot of things to look out for before starting the cleaning process. The company you hire should take every precaution on protecting your duct system.


What kind of equipment should a duct cleaner use?


There are lots of different kinds of air duct cleaning equipment in use today. The equipment used should depend on the type of job and duct construction. If you have a hundred year old house and never had the air ducts cleaned, then i would recommend going with a company that uses a truck mounted system, a vacuum that is capable of pulling upwards of 12,000 cfm of vacuum. A portable machine or a vacuum with a brush attached to the end of it will absolutely not get you the same results.


What is the difference in equipment?


A duct truck is one of the most powerful and most preferred used type of systems. Generated by a powerful engine and a large fan to provide the most suction.

 A duct cleaning truck mount is a system exactly like a duct truck except it is made to install in a trailer or box truck or whatever can haul the monster. It is a lot less expensive than a duct truck because it is made of the vacuum system only allowing you to mount it wherever you want. We use a truck mounted system that is mounted inside of a trailer that can generate up to 14,000 cfm of suction. We like to use the trailer truck mount because if one of our vehicles were to break down we could easily attach our trailer to another vehicle and get to our next appointment. If a duct truck breaks down the entire system is down. And make sure the truck has an industrial truck mount specifically designed for air duct cleaning…there's a big difference!


What is the difference between portable vacuum or negative air machines?


These are good systems to use depending on the application. They are more portable allowing you to bring the vacuum into hard to reach places were a truck mounted system cannot reach. Condominiums, apartment buildings, and certain commercial applications can benefit from using a portable vacuum. Portable vacuums can also be used on residential homes that do not have excessive build up of dust and debris in the system. As they do not have as much suction as a truck mount and once the filter in the vacuum starts to accumulate excessive dust it will restrict suction not allowing you to do your job as thoroughly as a truck mounted vacuum will.


What are contact cleaning methods?


Most contact cleaning methods utilize a vacuum with a long hose and brush attached to the end of it. These are good for cleaning rigid round duct and/or dryer ducts. These machines are not as thorough as a truck mount as they are not capable of cleaning the entire system because they cannot make it through all the elbows and hard to reach places. The way these machines can be effective, is if they are used with some type of negative pressure or if they are taking apart ductwork to clean the entire system. To do a job thoroughly using this method of cleaning would require many hours worth of work assuring the job was completed properly.


What to look for before hiring an air duct cleaner?


Make sure that the company holds the proper mechanical license classification from the state. All air duct cleaning companies altering or making access holes in your ductwork are required to have; classification #3 ductwork on their license. Make sure that the company has a contractor of record. Call or go online to the LARA – Mechanical Examination, Licensing Information and Applications or call 517-241-9316 to see if the company is properly licensed. Mirror Ducts L.L.C. is licensed in the state of Michigan with a Mechanical License in Ductwork Classification #3 and Mechanical Law - License #7117683.

 Some companies may display a license number on their website although it is not always theirs, it could be a friend or family member allowing them to display their license number making them look as if they are licensed. Check their credentials with the Better Business Bureau and see if they are in good standing with good reviews. Check social media reviews to see what others have to say about the business.


What is the difference between a NADCA certification and a Mechanical Contractors License?


The National Air Duct Cleaners Association is an organization designed by a group of members to set a standard in the air duct cleaning industry. It requires an annual fee to be a member of NADCA and one person from a company to pass a written exam set by that organization. You can not clean air ducts in Michigan only having an NADCA certificate. A mechanical contractors license is a license earned by the state after passing examination with the state having knowledge of the codes and classification applying for. Minimum three years experience is required by either a referral from a school or another certified air duct cleaning contractor.


How much does air duct cleaning cost?


There are several factors to determine the price of a duct cleaning. Most companies go by the square footage, the age of the home, the duct design and location of the system, and the length of time it could take to complete the job. Your average one furnace home can range anywhere from $300 to $500 and even as high as $600 to $1000.


What if the price is to good to be true?


During slow times companies may run promotions significantly low just to keep work steady. If a company is offering to do a duct cleaning for $150 to $200 I would question the kind of equipment they are using, I would also question if the person is properly licensed.


Will the holes you make to clean the ducts affect anything?


Any access openings we make will be completely air sealed tight afterwards and will not affect the integrity of the system. We do this by using a 26 gauge galvanized metal plate, self tapping screws and UL 181A listed metal tape ensuring it is a complete leak free seal. Also one inch plastic duct plugs designed for duct cleaners.


Can we be home during the process?


Absolutely, there is no reason you should have to leave your home. It may get a little noisy but not to a point where it would become a nuisance. We have no problem working around you or switching rooms if you are working from home or on a conference call.


Will my house get dusty?


We take many precautions to keep your home dust free. We do this by blocking off registers and pressurizing the system. If you have an unfinished basement and the ductwork is leaky we may get a slight bit of dust that comes out of the leakage points, return pans and connection points. Even than we take extra precautions by sealing the potential leakage points. Main floor and upper level will be completely free of dust and not to worry.


Can my pets stay in the house?


We work in many homes with pets roaming the house and do not have any issues. Some animals may be a little more sensitive to the noise and we have no problem starting in a certain room if you would like to keep your animals in a certain area in the house.


Will my house get hot or cold?


You may notice a difference in the temp of the house as we do require the furnace to be turned off while we are doing the cleaning.


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